#10: Has anyone met a Tapout shirt-wearing-guy who actually trains?


#9: How good are you at acting?


#8: There is always someone willing to challenge you once they hear you train bjj.

come at me bro

#7: In jiu jitsu, there’s no “A” for effort.

tina fey

#6: Just because we both wear a uniform does not mean we scream “kee-yah,” and kick people. We will choke you out.

pulp fiction


#5: Sometimes getting a promotion can be life altering.

nap dynamite

#4: Don’t you hate when your training partner sees a shiny object and can’t focus on the technique?

the office

#3: It’s too fun to pass up the opportunity to tap out your buddy.

i went hard

#2: You can’t grab what’s not there.

baby chin

#1: Finally, the nail gets to be the hammer.


Honorable mention:

Less chat; more splat!


Those are some of my favorite Jiu Jitsu memes. I know there are a lot. Please share some of your favorites!!